FUNGAL FUTURES / Growing Domestic Bio-Landscapes

FUNGAL FUTURES / Growing Domestic Bio-Landscapes
presents the research outcomes of an international group of artists and designers who develop innovative materials, projects and applications using mycelium, the filamentous network of fungi.

FUNGAL FUTURES includes the work of designers and artists who were involved in the NWO project ‘Mycelium Design’, as well as past and new projects of selected invited creatives working along the same principles. The exhibition invites us to envision potentially near futures and to re-imagine the way in which our domestic and social life will change during the next decades as part of a transition to a sustainable economy.
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Now also with an exhibition in Ghent, from May 1st until November 18th, 2008 at:
De wereld van Kina: de Tuin,
Berouw 55, 9000 Gent
tel. 09 225 05 42,

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