Adrienn Nagy

Topic: Introduction of principles of bioeconomy into mushroom growing – closing the loop with spent substrate utilization


Adrienn Somosne Nagy PhD graduated as a biologist and received her PhD degree at Corvinus University of Budapest Faculty of Horticultural Science. The theme of her thesis was the development of variety-specific growing technology of oyster mushrooms. She is the managing director of PILZE-NAGY LTD. In this position she is responsible for the innovation, research and development activities of the company. During the last 20 years she took part in numerous international and Hungarian developmental projects in bioenergy, biogas, agricultural waste management and mushroom cultivation area.
In 2010 she was elected to be the board member of the Hungarian Biogas Association and was re-elected in 2015. In 2011 she became Secretary of the Working Committee of Horticulture of Regional Committee in Szeged at Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and parallely she was appointed as the Head of Renewable Energy Subdivision of the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture. She is member of the Bioeconomy Stakeholders Panel.