Christelle Chevalier

Topic: Influence of spawn recipe on incubation and yield


I have been in the spawn mushroom business for 25 years. After a licence’s degree  at the University of Biology of Angers in France (specializing in fungi), I decided to continue my studies by joining the team of Anton Sonnenberg at the Mushroom Research Station in Horst (NL) from 1991 to 1993.

I joined Sylvan end of 1993 as production assistant to participate to the start of the first Sylvan spawn plant built in Holland.

In 1998, I took the opportunity to return to France by integrating Somycel/ Sylvan in order to expand my knowledge on the mycelium of fungi ( Agarics et Exotics) and to learn other Spawn production processes. I have been involved in Spawn Production till 2004.

Then from 2004 to 2011, I took the responsibility of the Quality department for Somycel

In 2011, I took the responsibility of the ESSC  pole ( European – Strain – Support – Center) where Sylvan decided to gather 5 departments under one unit:  R&D/ Breeding, Conservative Selection, Production of Inoculum for Europe, Quality Control for Europe, Testing Unit for Quality & R&D).

Since 2015, I am in charge of the Quality department for Europe and R&D – section: New products development for Agaricus and Exotics.