Kasper Moreaux

Topic: Moderator


In 1980, I was born into the mushroom industry because the founding owner of Mycelia, Magda Verfaillie, happens to be my mother. At that time, her passion for spawn making was already the professional drive of her life.

I graduated my MSc in Geology in Ghent, Belgium, in 2002. After that, I specialized in Volcanology until 2004.

For 5 years, I traveled the world in a great number of countries. I had many professions, but the longest time I spent as a diamond exploration geologist in the Australian outback.

I retuned back to Belgium in 2009 and was a professional fire artist until 2010, when I joined Mycelia. There, I have been active developing the company into what it is today: an innovative, fast-growing, flexible company with warm ambitions to develop the mushroom sector.

At this moment, I am the R&D manager of Mycelia and Sac O2 and in a number of years, I will be officially taking over Magda’s role.