Magda Verfaillie

Keynote Speaker

Mycologist Magda Verfaillie, born in 1953, is the founder and owner of Mycelia, which is one of the leading spawn laboratories in Europe. In 1978 she decided to specialize in mycelium for lignicolous mushrooms. Given her 40 years of experience in this field, she has now an important lead on her colleagues. Mycelia now produces weekly 25 tons of spawn of 200 different mushroom strains, on recipes which are always adapted to the species. Convinced that everybody gains from openness, she started in 1994 to individually train and assist spawn producers, in Mycelia or at the customer’s place. When this formula turned out to be very successful, she decided in 2011 to organize group trainings on a regular base, about the production of spawn as well as about the production of substrates for lignicolous mushrooms.